Wedding Blog Post Ideas

January 14, 2022

Happy 2022 folks! With the New Year upon us, we are delighted to start the year on our wedding blog with a post that is a little different than our usual posts.

Having written more than 45 blog posts on the wedding industry, we can tell you that sometimes blog post ideas are hard to come by. As wedding photographers we love using our wedding blog to showcase our photography with things that are relevant to the modern couple. But, we know ideas can be tough. Working in the industry on a weekly basis means that we get a front row seat to trends as they come and go. We know what works well and what can provide for difficulties on your big day (we’ve been in the business for a very long time).

So we’ve compiled blog post ideas for your wedding blogs. Regardless of how you find yourself in this industry, we know there will be at least a couple of blog post ideas that will entice your readers and keep them engaged (ha!).


X Amount of Ways to Prepare for your X Season Engagement

Select any number from 4-18 with tips for preparing for an engagement session. In addition you can get at least 4 separate blog posts by highlighting tips from each season.

Gift Guides For Bridesmaid/Groomsmen Proposals

Source appropriate smalls gifts and tokens that are affordable. Either combine a post for both the bridesmaids and groomsmen or separate it into two posts.

Amazing Engagement Shoot Spots in X

Curate a list of beautiful engagement shoot locations. Get a few posts out of it by highlighting different areas, cities or locations.

Planning Your Engagement Shoot

Include important things to consider for a shoot, like time, location, date and what to wear.

Planning the Wedding Blog Posts

Pros and Cons of Wedding Tents

Going over the good and the bad, touching upon availability, space, and finances. Alternatively this post can be broken down with emphasis on either just the pros or just the cons.

Everything Your Need to Know About Wedding Invitations

How to write them, what should be included. Furthermore, go into details and save the dates, wedding websites and RSVPs. This will definitely drive traffic to your wedding blog.

X of the Best Wedding Venues in X

This topic could really be a series. With any number of wedding venues for different places the options here are endless.

Season X Weddings and their Pros and Cons

Taking a look at all four seasons either together or separately to help engaged couples decide when they want to book their big day. Especially helpful for those couples that don’t have a solid direction for season.

Wedding Details You May Forget

We’re happy to say that we’ve personally been able to help out a few couples with a post on this topic. Nevertheless, wedding planning is a huge endeavor and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Plus Ones? Pros and Cons

The Covid-19 Pandemic has definitely forced many brides and grooms to rethink their guest lists. Take a look at the number one guest filler ‘the plus one’ and run through the pros and cons.

Expenses to Skip on the Big Day/Things to Splurge On

Weddings don’t have to have a huge price tag. Without a doubt couples who are planning will appreciate a run-down of expenses to skip as they may not be aware of how expensive certain aspects are. Furthermore, things to splurge is always a fun post to write.

Colour Palettes for your X Season Wedding

Colour scheme ideas for every kind of couple in each season.

Pinterest and Your Wedding

A look at how this incredible social platform can be your best friend during the planning of your wedding. In addition, if you have Pinterest, it’s a great way to connect with your readers.

X amount of Floral Trends for X Season

Curate beautiful images of the latest floral trends. Create four different posts by taking a look at florals that will be in season and will work during different times of the year.

Questions for Your Vendors

Create a list of valuable questions to ask different vendors. From wedding photographers (like us!), day-of coordinators, venues, makeup artists, there are many questions couples may not even think to ask.

Free Fonts for Your Wedding

Often overlooked but fonts play an integral part in all the paper goods and signage of the big day. With so many free fonts available for private use, curate a list of your favourites and create beautiful combinations.

Romantic Poems/Readings for the Big Day

Don’t forget about the ceremony. There’s plenty of emphasis on the reception but the ceremony often gets overlooked.

Benefits of Two Wedding Photographers

Being a team of two we will admit that we are a little biased on this topic. But for good reason! There are plenty of pros to having two photographers shooting the wedding day!

The Big Day

Nailing the First Look

Things to consider for a first look, the pros of having a first look and how to get the best photos from it.

The Must Have Bridal Party Shots

Create a photo list that the happy couple can provide for their photographers of shots to include with their loving bridal party.

Wedding Photo Must-Haves

Specifically photos of the Bride and Groom, their reception and ceremony and shots with family and friends, that they will always make them smile for years to come.

Why an Evening Shoot is perfect for the Wedding Day

Evening photoshoots are not that common, we don’t know why! We personally love them and this post can cover all the pros associated with taking a break from the party to spend some time together as newlyweds.

A Look at Covid Weddings

While the pandemic has affected weddings for the last few years, there’s no telling how long it will continue to affect them. Depending on how you write this post you can bring a lot of comfort to those who are still in the uncertain planning stages. We covered this post by talking to a bride about her Covid-19 wedding and touching upon silver linings of a difficult situation.

Miscellaneous Wedding Blog Posts

History of X

Take a look at the history of things like wedding dresses, bridal parties, veils, flowers you name it. Without a doubt this makes for a fun and interesting read.

Highlighting a particular Wedding Flower

From roses to lilies, there’s a story behind every flower. Fascinating to say the least.

How to Change Your Name After Marriage

Here in Ontario, Canada there is nothing more confusing than trying to assume your spouse’s name following your marriage. An excellent resource for all those hoping to change their names after their nuptials. Depending on your location putting together clear and concise instructions would be invaluable to many.

Wedding Superstitions and Traditions

Investigate the history and stories behind the most common superstitions and the beloved wedding traditions.

We hope a few of these topics fuel your creativity and will make one of your blog posts easier to write! Happy New Year!

– The Terry Richards Photography Team