Top 21 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer

April 16, 2021

Just like any investment, there are always questions you should ask prior to booking! We’ve rounded up the top questions that you should touch upon with your potential wedding photographer(s). Not only are these questions we are frequently asked but they also include things you might have not really thought of before!

21 Questions You Should Ask:

  1. Are you available for our date?
    The remaining 20 questions are not applicable if the wedding photographer(s) you’re hoping to book are not available for you date. Chances are that you won’t change your date to suit their availability so always start here.
  2. What percentage of a deposit do you require?
    This changes between photographers and your packages etc., but you can expect to up to 50% as being the typical standard.
  3. How do we book you?
    There might be a process involved, you don’t want to assume that a discovery call is enough to secure a booking. You can expect a deposit and a contract.
  4. What are your packages?
    Emphasis on the plural “packages”, photographers generally offer different sized packages that will fit the needs of different weddings. Have a gander at our packages here.
  5. Can we add any customizations to your packages?
    Our answer is heck ya! If you have any special requests, have them prepared to ask at your very first meeting.
  6. Do you do any videography?
    If you’re not planning on hiring a videographer for your big day, many photographers will offer some sort of videography services. We provide 3-4 minute “highlight reels” that offer a taste of the wedding and a great alternative to an additional hire.
  7. What is your backup plan?
    This is important. You want to learn about the preparedness of your potential photographer(s). Follow up question could include if they have for any circumstance missed a wedding.

    Here at Terry Richards Photography we are happy that in our 8 years we have never missed a wedding; we are extremely dedicated to being prepared and punctual. That being said we network and work with other photographers of similar style that would be able to step in at moments notice.
  8. How many weddings do you normally shoot in a year?
    Generally averages are between 20-23 weddings per year!
  9. How many images can we expect to get?
    You shouldn’t assume that you will get every single image that was shot the day of your wedding – some photographers will cap at a number of photos while others will not.
  10. Do you do anything that sets you apart from other photographers?
    Mostly for interest purposes, every photographers’ answer may vary slightly.
  11. When can we expect our images?
    Depending on the season, you should be looking at anywhere from 6-10 weeks. Prepare yourself for that, and if they are ready earlier, you’ll be happy!
  12. Do you offer a wedding album?
    One of the questions you should ask, as many photographers have great connections and get provide you with an exceptional product.

    A wedding album is included in our platinum package but can be added on at anytime. Many couples return to us prior to their one year anniversary (i.e., the paper anniversary, wink, wink).
  13. What is your cancellation policy?
    Learn what you could expect here, generally deposits are non-refundable.
  14. What will you wear on our wedding day?
    You want to hear something like “Black Dress Casual” unless you have a dress code preference, which most photographers would be happy to adjust to.
  15. What’s your favourite part of the wedding day?
    Get to know your photographer a little bit better based on this answer.

    We laugh and answer that our favourite time is supper time, but really we are all about the first look, whether it’s public or private.
  16. Will you use our images in your own socials and marketing?
    Generally, the answer will be yes! And that’s a good thing, photographers rely on their portfolios, socials and your beautiful wedding day shots to ensure they have clients for years to come!

    But we want to make sure it is okay with our clients first and foremost.
  17. Do you shoot with a second photographer?
    Some photographers include a second shooter, while others it’s at an additional cost.

    If you’re unsure of whether you need a second shooter, read our blog post about it here!
  18. How do we arrange our timeline?
    One of the questions you should ask to help with your own timelines for the day.
  19. Have you shot at this venue before?
    IF they have that’s a bonus, they will be familiar with the grounds!
  20. Can we see a photo gallery?
    Either digital or print if you haven’t already snooped through their websites and socials. Get to know their style!
  21. Will our pictures be edited?
    Whether you have a bit or retouching or editing, be sure to know the answer to this question so that you’re not surprised when yours are ready!

That wraps up our 21 Questions you Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer. We’ve included some of our responses; if you would like to continue the conversation you can contact us here!

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