7 Tips for the Best Getting Ready Photos

April 22, 2022

Your big day is finally here! After months of planning, ironing out all the details, it’s time to enjoy your big day. The Wedding Day often starts with waking up early for hair and makeup among other things. Certainly, it can be argued that getting ready with your bridesmaids/groomsmen has now cemented itself into tradition! It’s a tradition we can definitely get behind!

Therefore, the getting ready photos are often sought after, to ensure you have all the details captured on your wedding day. We have had the privilege of shooting many many weddings, and we would say that majority of them included the getting ready photos! So, we are excited to share our 7 tips for the best getting ready photos.

1. Opt to Get Ready in a Larger Space

For one, it’s great to have everyone all together, it creates an unbeatable atmosphere. Two, you’ll be able to separate the hair and makeup tools and leave plenty of room for dreamy photos. Assign your living rooms or dining rooms as the getting ready spaces!

2. Find and Follow the Light

There’s nothing like natural light. It’s really a game changer. Work with your space to try and follow that natural light to stunning photos.

3. Have your Bridesmaids Dressed First

Ensure your bridesmaids and/or parents are all ready to go by the time you’re stepping into your gown. If everyone is ready to go, you won’t have any distractions in your photos. Evidently, it will also ensure that you will stay on schedule as well.

4. Clean up Your Space

Trust us, the camera sees all. There’s nothing worse than a bright solo cup popping up in the background, or a pile of clothes off to the side. Tidy your spaces and remove any unwanted clutter. Moreover, a clean space is a happy space and it will help everyone feel more relaxed.

5. Have your Personalized Details Prepared

We love a photo of the details, from your jewelry to your shoes, and everything in between. Arrange them beautifully and have them set aside. Above all, when you have everything together in one place, you’ll decrease the likeliness of forgetting or misplacing something important!

6. Prepare a Wedding Dress Reveal Spot

Find an area that is as minimal as possible and will allow for full shots of you in your dress! Think doorways, or large windows, something that will allow you to be the WOW factor without taking away too much attention.

7. Get Ready with an Ornate Mirror

The mirror will be your best friend as you’re getting ready. We love when Bride’s find a special mirror to be their morning of companion. It’s a little touch, but it can make all the difference.

If you’re recently engaged or planning your wedding feel free to take a look at our portfolio! Moreover, we’d love to hear from you about how we can be a part of your special day. Contact us today! And be sure to follow us on Pinterest, where we are always pinning the latest in wedding trends.