10 Tips on How to Nail the Perfect Proposal

February 11, 2022

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to get engaged? It generally ranks #2 just after Christmas Day, with some years coming out on top. And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d share our favourite tips on how to nail the perfect proposal.

Say a speech. Get down on one knee. Unveil the ring. Ask the ever important question, “will you marry me?”; seems easy right? That is definitely the general formula that accompanies a proposal. But there is more to it!

If you’re hoping to propose this Valentine’s Day or any time this year, keep reading to find out how to create the memory of a lifetime with a perfect proposal!

Keep Your Perfect Proposal a Secret

The element of surprise is really special! Keep your proposal on a need to know basis, the less people that know the more likely you’ll be able to pull it off with complete surprise! Try and be as independent and resourceful as possible. Don’t know a ring size? Secretly borrow an existing ring, or trace the inside and outside of an existing ring on a piece of paper. Enlist a single person to help you determine ring size, a trusted friend or sibling. Alternatively, you can always have a ring resized, most jewelry shops will allow for one complimentary ring size adjustment for this very reason.

Respect your Future Fiancés Wishes

Your fiancé may expect you to receive a blessing from their family prior to popping the question. Depending on how family orientated they are or their values, this may be an essential or moo point for them. If you’re not entirely sure how necessary it is, a little white lie may be helpful. (We believe that little white lies are O.K., when it comes to proposals). Simply tell a story where a proposal took place and a family blessing wasn’t received and everyone was upset – then just see how your own loved one reacts. They’ll either agree or disagree and you’ll have your answer.

Make it Special

Is there a location that means something to you both? Do you have a favourite place or activity? Is there something that defines you and your relationship. Think about how you can make your proposal special and unique to you and your relationship.

Have an Idea of What you’re Going to Say

We don’t mean have a script! Rather, think about what you’d like to convey in a broad sense. We can guarantee that you will be nervous. Even if you have talked marriage with your future spouse, and are confident they’ll say yes, it is still a nerve racking endeavour. So, have a general idea of the feelings you’d like to share and what you’d like to say!

Make it a Memorable Story

You and your fiancé are going to be retelling your engagement story 1000+1 times. When news reaches family and friends, everyone will congratulate you and then ask for the details of the proposal. Make it a memorable story, filled with romance and special touches.

Have a Plan B for your Perfect Proposal

Needless to say, sometimes unforeseen circumstances will ensure things don’t go as planned. We heard a story once that someone had planned an intricate proposal and had rented out a small movie theatre, the couple was to arrive a few minutes late to an already dark theatre that was filled with family and friends. During the previews, “will you marry me” would flash on the screen. Cute right!?

Well, the proposal didn’t go as planned when the future fiancé did not want to take off work to see a movie in the middle of the day! Things happen, and to not raise suspicion when it seems like Plan A won’t work out, have a Plan B!

Public vs. Private

Who are you as a couple? Ideally, you want to keep in mind what will make your future fiancé comfortable. A proposal in your homes sharing your favourite meal, at a your favourite restaurant or on a beloved hike; surrounded by family or friends? If you’re hoping for a private engagement, plan ahead how you can celebrate with people in your life. Plan a dinner party or event that will have everyone together, and then once the news breaks you can announce that it’s actually an event to celebrate the engagement.

Keep Things Calm

For a perfect proposal, do everything in your power to stay calm! Like we mentioned, you’re going to have the proposal jitters, and that’s okay. Moreover, if you’re acting very strange and nervous, you may spoil your own surprise. We suggest staying away from any booze, you may think it will loosen you up but you need to be on your A-game. Moreover, visualize the success of your perfect proposal to help calm those nerves.

Timing is Everything

If you have a particular date in mind, try not to be too rigid with it. While having a plan is great, if your partner is all of a sudden dealing with something difficult, cater your timing appropriately. You want them to enjoy the proposal and to have an incredible experience!

Capture the Perfect Proposal

Depending on how you propose, consider how you can capture the moment. If you’re hoping for a private proposal, then book an engagement shoot. Moreover, you’re already reading the blog post of photographers who can help you with that (wink wink, hint hint)!

Engagements are such a special time, remember the day, the journey with beautiful photographs that you’ll forever cherish. We’d love to hear from you to plan your engagement shoot, feel free to contact us today! We wish you all the best with your upcoming engagement! Also, give us a follow on Pinterest to see the latest trends when you start planning your wedding!