Nailing the First Look on your Wedding Day

November 16, 2021

It comes as no surprise that weddings in general are riddled with superstitions and long standing traditions. Generally, to either save the happy couple from any bad luck or to provide them with as much good luck as one day can possibly provide. Many of us don’t take a moment to give them a second thought. When we say that the “First Look” has been rising in popularity, the first thought you may have is, “the Groom is not supposed to see the Bride in her dress before the ceremony.” This particular superstition’s origin is rather surprising (Your wedding day is completely your own so do what you have envisioned!).

This particular superstition originates from a time when almost all marriages were arranged. Either for monetary gain, political reasons or the strengthening of a families position socially, the idea was to ensure that the Groom couldn’t back out of the transaction. Yes, transaction, as unsavoury as it sounds, many marriages in the past were seen as exactly that. So, if the Groom was unable to view his bride until it was basically too late it would ensure he couldn’t back out of it.

No Peeking Today?

Fast forward to now. Many couples choose not to see one another until the ceremony to make the day both exciting and memorable. But many other couples are opting for the first look. And if you’re one of those couples, we’re breaking down our favourite tips on how you can nail that first look.

We love the idea that the first look is a private moment for the soon-to-be newlyweds; a moment alone where the pressures of the day melt away and you can get the most beautiful, genuine shots that are more relaxed.

Location, Location, Location

Find a quiet and secluded area, choose your first look location carefully. Minimize distractions so that you can really focus on one another. If your family and friends want to be nearby, make sure there is plenty of distance. It will really make the moment all the more special.

Position is Everything

You want to be able to photograph the moment perfectly. Either have your Groom with his back to the Bride as she walks up to tap his shoulder indicating he can turn around. You can utilize a corner, positioning yourselves on either side to then step forward to meet one another. If you’re working with two photographers, have one behind either Bride or Groom to capture their faces the moment of the reveal.

Bring Tissues to Your First Look

Yep. It’s emotional as anything to see your future spouse dressed to the nines. After months of planning, sometimes the realization that, “this is it” is overwhelming, in really the best way possible.

Timing is Everything

There’s an energy that translates so well into the photos when the Bride has just slipped on her dress and the groom as straightened his tie. There’s a buzz that is profound in these moments. Right after everyone is ready? Perfect for the first look.

Plan for a Little Extra Time Together for your First Look

Your wedding will go by in a blink of an eye. Everyone says it. And it’s really true. Plan to have a few extra minutes to enjoy one another. Let this beautiful and magical moment sink into your memories forever.

Whether you opt for a first look or wait until the ceremony, your wedding day will be wonderful. If you’re in the planning process be sure to take a look at our portfolio and to contact us today! Definitely, take a look at our Pinterest where we are always pinning the latest trends.