6 Silver Linings of a Covid-19 Wedding to Make you Smile

August 6, 2020

It’s astonishing how many aspects of a wedding have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Limited numbers of guests for both ceremonies and receptions, dancing prohibited, only plated meals and of course masks required. Elements that seemed so essential are now being restricted, leaving many couples in very unconventional positions.

Whether you’ve decided to postpone your entire wedding, just the party or have been forced to start from scratch. We know that those who had planned to celebrate a wedding in 2020, most likely have had to deal with a little more than worrying about the weather. Here in Canada, it’s been roughly 20 weeks since quarantine started and serious precautions were put into place. Which means that most upcoming weddings for this season had to be revamped, rescheduled and of course replanned.

When you get a papercut, it stings. Someone may comment that “hey at least it’s not a deep cut”, and unfortunately it doesn’t make your paper cut hurt any less. This magical metaphor is what we imagine is happening for many engaged and betrothed couples. When considering the implications of such a serious pandemic, it may be hard to be upset about the wedding that would have been; especially when putting it into perspective with everything else, but just like that paper cut, it still sucks.

We have a few words of encouragement for couples who may find themselves in one of these three situations. Of course, we understand that everyone is sailing uncharted waters and that you may not be able to categorize yourself in one of these scenarios. We do hope at least one of our silver linings may provide some comfort.

For those who will have their wedding.. with revisions

Somehow you’re going to make it work and have both your ceremony and the reception. Maybe your wedding was small to begin. And you can pull it off or maybe you need to make major revisions to the guest list. Either way our first silver lining is that the here is an unexpected opportunity to hand pick your guests. There is less obligation to invite your Mother’s Second Cousin Thrice removed, or to include those sometimes pesky plus ones.

Taking into consideration restrictions with the meals and the party, especially in regards to the dancing it may seem like the most fun parts will doom the guests from enjoying themselves. But, we can change your perspective on that.

There is an old joke, that if you want to see who loves you more, your wife or your dog all you have to do is leave them in a closet for an hour, after that, when you open the door see who is more excited to see you. We include this little gest because all your guests have been sheltered from extended human contact for months; your wedding may be the first social gathering they are participating in. Our second silver lining is the sheer happiness that everyone will experience just to be together, talking, laughing. And most importantly celebrating your love.

For those who will be married.. & postpone the wedding reception

You’re going ahead with the ceremony! Whether it be with just your witnesses or your (restricted number of) family and friends, you want to be joined together and you don’t mind waiting to party with everyone else. Our third silver lining is that it will be less stressful, more private but just as special.

The party and the “BIG” day with all the intricate pieces bring on extra stress. There’s no denying it. But without all the frills the focus will be just on the marriage and those unforgettable moments of the ceremony.

If the party has been moved, and the majority of the guests are waiting to celebrate the new marriage, our fourth silver lining is that guests will pay more attention to what they are presenting the couple with and so you get some more time as a married couple to determine what gifts are really needed in your life together from your own experience. This may seem materialistic but it will make your guests happy to be able to accomodate the couple who has had their plans turned upside down and ensure you will fill your home with things that are fitting for the new life you’re forging.

For those who have to plan .. again or have postponed it all

Was it your decisions to postpone and replan? Were you forced into it because of venue availability? Did your vendors not make it through the darkest times? There are so many who will fall into this category, for very different reasons. But our fifth silver lining, is that usually everyone always feels cramped for time but now, you have a substantial amount more. Maybe an opportunity to be crafty, to find better deals, to recreate elements that you may have not been entirely please with or best of all to continue saving up! Either way, having more of it is always a great thing.

And finally, our sixth silver lining is that as you’ve made it through this, you can make it through any crazy things that life throws at you. Together you’re stronger, you’ve dealt with the disappointment and stress and you will prevail, through this and through everything else.

Hang in there Couples of 2020. We salute you, we sympathize with you, but we know that you will have some of the best wedding stories for many years to come. Read about our very own Covid-19 Couple who postponed their party but still celebrated their marriage!

“Going through things you never thought you’d go through, will only take you to places you never thought you’d get to”

Morgan Harper Nichols

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