Raining Cats & Dogs: A Look at 8 Furry Friends Who made Celebrations Extra Special

September 18, 2020

Most weddings that you attend today will generally feature a “Best Man” a “Maid or Matron of Honor”, bridesmaids and groomsmen maybe a flower girl and ring boy but only sometimes do we see a special mention or inclusion of furry friends. We hardly see a “Good boy or Girl of Honor”, even though pets of all kinds hold a special place in our hearts. All laughs aside we know that our pets are definitely excited for us around engagements and weddings, and they bring the best kind of energy!

“A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than his owner can express with his tongue in hours.”

– Unknown

Over the years we have seen lots of puppies and sometimes an occasional kitty or two (nothing with a scales or feathered tails just yet), and it always puts a smile on our faces to see the clever ways couple’s come up with to include those furry friends. Here are a few ways to include your pets in an exciting and unforgettable time of your life!

Bring your furry friends along to your engagement shoot!

When you get engaged you are on your way to joining together and becoming a new family. Many of us see our furry companions as small extensions of the family and so it’s so sweet to include them in these photos. If your pup won’t do too well with a couple hours on the leash, have a friend or family member pick them up after you’ve gotten a few shots that you like! If it’s a kitty that holds a special place in your heart, you can always arrange to have a few quick photos taken at home to keep everyone calm and happy.

With adorable accessories like bandanas that can be customized to announce the couple’s chosen wedding date, funny quotes and family names, the possibilities are endless for having a lovely moment with your cutie pie.

All dressed up, with only one responsibility..

… to look adorable and to earn an “aww” from everyone who sees them. For whatever reason, nothing seems to be cuter than an animal in a tie or in a suite. Silly and ridiculous but definitely puts a smile on everyone’s face and ensures the dog or cat will receive attention throughout the entire celebration.

If you’re looking for a comfortable and pet-friendly outfit we suggest checking out Halloween costume stores or online boutiques in the beginning of November, when costumes of all sorts will be heavily discounted.

Another option is to take a peek at your local second-hand store for tiny ties (in the Children’s section), or pet costumes that will on occasion pop up.

Here we have two furry friends all dressed up for the big day!

Playing a bigger role at your wedding!

Now, we know that this isn’t an option for everyone, as it can depend on the location of your ceremony and of course the behaviour of your furry friends. But we love seeing pets get a little more responsibility! Either as a companion to one of the members of the bridal party, as the “ring bearer” or “ring bearers assistant”. Not only is it adorable, but you know that they will love the attention and feel like “extra good boys or girls” when they help complete a task!

Most of all, our pets our cherished, and sadly we can’t have our pets stay with us forever. Including them in our important days, and might we add having beautiful pictures captured keeps their memories fresh in our hearts for all the years to come.

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