The Wedding Invitation in 2022

May 27, 2022

Here we are in 2022, can we say that it’s post pandemic yet? Or would that be jinxing it? Either way, today we are talking about the wedding invitation. Over the last few years there has been one piece of the wedding invitation package that has gone out more than ever before: the cancellation or the postponement. Here’s to hoping that’s behind us. As we look toward a new year, hopefully filled with many weddings, we wanted to return to this ever popular topic.

The last time we touched upon wedding invitations, we covered the basics, Wedding Invitations 101, but today we are focusing on a few trends we’ve been seeing and how to make the process of inviting guests to your wedding all the easier.

Skipping the Unnecessary Paper

There are two really good reasons to lessen how many pieces are included in your wedding invitation suite. The first is that is will cost you less, which is the golden line in wedding planning. And the second, it’s better for the planet.

How to pull it off: Utilize a wedding website! We cannot stress just how helpful a website can be. Rather than having to include all the information on non-essential things like accommodations, directions, registry right on your invitations, taking up precious space, opt for a site. Not a web designer? No problem. Many of the most popular websites have templates that make creating your own wedding website a breeze.

Utilizing QR Codes

Without a doubt, the one thing the pandemic did was bring to light just how useful QR codes can be. They allow for quick and easy access to online sources, without having to type a single word. We are now seeing couples use generated QR codes to allow guests access to their websites, to RSVP portals and even to registries.

How to pull it off: There are loads of free QR code generators available. Simply add in your URL and you have a code generated in seconds. Keep in mind that a QR code does work best with high contrast, so it’s best to leave them in black and white for optimal results.

Online RSVPs

This ties in with skipping the unnecessary paper, but we felt like it deserved it’s own section. Traditionally in a wedding invitation suite, you would include a card and envelope for the RSVP and potentially a separate card for entree selection. But, when you use an online source for RSVP not only does that mean you skip the paper but it also ensures nothing gets lost in the mail. Also, guests generally have access to their RSVP online up to a month before the wedding, they can change the name of any plus ones, change their food options or notify you immediately if they are no longer able to make it.

How to pull if off:
Include a note or a link on your invitations OR a QR code, so that guests can access and online portal. If you’re working with a wedding website, they will have some sort of option for RSVPs!

Minimal Design

While the minimalist trend has recently become more popular, it’s a trend we see sticking around. The whole idea that less is more, holds true for invitation suites. Simple typography, minimalist design and fewer elements that look just as beautiful.

How to pull it off: Focus on a few colours. Minimize design elements. And play around with one to two types of fonts!

Natural Hues & Elements

Earthy and nature inspired tones will more than likely take center stage in 2022. Soft colours reminiscent of the world around us that bring both comfort and joy. With the natural colours, an emerging trend is dried florals that bring a little something extra to the table.

How to pull it off: Pay attention to the seasons! Rich oranges and greens for the Fall, blues for the Winter and lilac, yellows and rich greens for the Spring/Summer. If you’re hoping to add floral elements, you have all the range as dried florals are available for every kind of flower year-round.

To all the couples planning their weddings, we wish you the best of luck! And if you haven’t yet checked Wedding photographers off your list, we invite you to look through our portfolio and contact us today! Be sure to follow us on Pinterest where we are always pinning the latest wedding trends.