16 Photos To Take With Your Bridal Party

November 26, 2021

Trends and traditions come and go, especially when it comes to weddings. Some we see for only a few years before they disappear, some are constantly reimagined while others have been practised for hundreds of years. Most surprising, is that the bridal party, featuring bridesmaids and groomsmen dates back to Ancient Rome. Who knew!? The original purpose was to primarily protect the bride. Groomsmen accompanied the bride so that she wouldn’t be robbed of her dowry on the wedding day, and bridesmaids were meant to confuse any evil spirits hoping to hurt the bride. The magic number was 10 in total, five bridesmaids and five groomsmen.

The bridal party is still an integral part of the wedding day. While there is no set expectations or rules to your bridal party, it’s a fun tradition that you can make your own. Your bridal party can help make your big day all the more special. From helping with planning, to taking care of details, to keeping you sane. Also, they help make the day memorable, and we love bridal party photos.

From the classic shots to fun ones, capturing the authentic feeling of the group is essential. So, we’ve put together 16 of our favourite shots that are must haves on the big day!

1. The Classic Bridal Party Shot

Featuring the Bride and Groom in the center with their bridesmaids and groomsmen on either side of them. Additionally, big smiles and a perfectly captured moment of the most important people in the happy couple’s’ lives is an essential shot.

2. Seal it with a Kiss

With the focus on the Bride and Groom front and center, have your wedding party arranged in the background. You can keep it serious, candid or play around with it and make it silly!

3. Alternating the Bridal Party & the Bride/Groom

Whether you just have a bridal party of 2 or 12, alternate bridesmaids and groomsmen for a beautiful pattern and asymmetrical photo. Furthermore, it provides a sweet contrast between outfits!

4. The ‘Men in Black’ Shot

Secret Agents? Super-agents saving the world? Let your groomsmen shine as your ultimate sidekicks and partners in crime (solving). With the groom in the front, have the groomsmen arranged on either side in a triangle formation.

5. The Gushing Bridal Party

A big kiss from the Bride and Groom out of focus in the foreground, with the bridal party all squished together in the background in focus. The sweetest expressions will come shining through.

6. The Bridesmaids ‘First Look’

You’ve probably heard of the first look between the Bride and Groom, or between the Bride and her father. But the first look for the bridesmaids is something so special. Your adoring bridesmaids will fill your heart with joy.

7. High Up or a Bird’s Eye View of the Bridal Party

A creative angel is always favourable. Whether the photographers are up high or the bridal party is, it makes for a shot you will adore.

8. The Big Farewell

Cheers to the happy couple, the night has come to a lovely end. The final farewell captured including all the love and joy from the big day. In addition, we love seeing sparklers or confetti to give that extra pop.

9. The Bridal Party Tunnel of Love

Above all, get your hands up, create a tunnel of love for the bride and groom!

10. That Candid Moment

Natural moments where someone cracks a joke or tells a funny story brings out the personalities of everyone involved. In addition, these candid shots are not staged, but captured in precisely the right moment.

11. Celebrate the Bride

All eyes on the stunning bride. We love using cellphones to make the bride feel her celebrity status.

12. Let your Personalities Shine

Your wedding day can be as unique as you are. We always encourage couples and their bridal parties to get creative and let their personalities shine. Whether you love a serious editorial look or have fun with photoshop or forced perspective. Without a doubt, you shouldn’t stick to the script, be sure to incorporate elements that very much feel like YOU!

13. Celebrate the Bond

In those final moments just before the dresses are slipped on, there is an excitement buzzing in the air. Gather together and take a moment to celebrate the bond you share with your bridesmaids. Also, don’t forget to thank everyone who has helped you to your big day.

14. The Man of the Hour Shot

The Groom, the man of the hour! Raise him up and show him some love. Either keep it serious or don’t be afraid to make it silly and fun.

15. The Details

Wild socks, alternative shoes, matching cufflinks, any of the special touches you are incorporating into your big day are important. Definitely, worth remembering with a gorgeous photo.

16. The Flowers Have It

Last but not least, the incredible florals that you no doubt spent a pretty penny on are meant to compliment yourself and your bridesmaids. Moreover, we love giving them the spotlight and we personally love the ‘peeking over the flowers’ shot.

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