7 Amazing Engagement Spots in London, Ontario

March 19, 2021

If we are talking engagement spots then let’s take things back to 1977 when John Paul Young released “Love is in the Air”, if you haven’t heard the song then head on over to YouTube and give it a listen. It’s a catchy tune that is sure to put you into an excellent mood. With Spring right around the corner (literally), the first day of Spring is tomorrow, we can’t help but to feel a little better and brighter now that the sun is hanging around and the days are feeling longer. With engagement season (Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day) over it’s time to talk engagement spots.

We are focusing on the extraordinary and charming city of London, Ontario, where we are breaking down seven of our favourite spots to not only take the prettiest of engagement photos, but to also pop the question. (If you’re looking for a sign, then this is it 😉 surprise your loved one with that big question).

The Heart of Downtown London

London is one of the largest cities in Southwestern, Ontario. Originally, a village in 1826 and officially incorporated as a city in 1855, 29 years later! With plenty of old architecture, lovely shops, lots of green spaces and hidden treasures, it’s a wonderful city.

In the core of the city you have a few of our favourites like “The Old Courthouse”, initially constructed in 1827 and modelled after an Irish castle, you’ll feel like you are in Europe when exploring. Just around the corner you have Ivey Park that has pathways that overlook the river. As you explore this precious part of the city you will see quaint shops nestled amongst the greenery. One of our favourites is a comic book store!

Springbank Park

With around 30 km of trails, and nestled against the Thames River, Springbank park can boast that it is the largest park in London. This great spot includes a fun attraction known as the Storybook Gardens that has been around since the late 1950s and an endless amount of scenery that just makes you feel good.

Pick a season, and we promise that the fauna and flora will not disappoint!

Fanshawe Pioneer Village

Rated as one of the Top Three Locations to Visit in London, explore history with this open air village. We love the charm of buildings that have stood the test of time.

With plenty of trails connecting the spread out village, you’ll fall in love with the mature trees that smile down upon happy couples.

Western University (UWO)

You wouldn’t really think a university campus would be a place that comes to mind in combination with engagement spots. But just remember that the University was founded back in 1878. For just over 140 years, the foliage has been thriving. The buildings with their grey-beige have become part of the landscape, and well, make for fantastic backgrounds for our photography.

Komoka Provincial Park

With plenty of trails, mature forests and a chance to bump into some wildlife, not many cities can boast a provincial park just outside of their limits. The fresh air will keep everyone smiling, the oxygen will definitely help to set the mood.

Many people love the “White trail”, when you arrive take a left!

Westminster Ponds

With just under 6 km under of trails, this lush wetland doesn’t need much to create an awe-inspiring landscape. With beautiful boardwalks, scenic ponds and hearty Maple trees, you’ll be glad to get away into nature. Whether you use this engagement spot for the perfect proposal, or we shoot your session you won’t be disappointed.

Port Stanley

The last location is not technically in London, but you won’t mind the short drive for one of our favourite engagement spots on this list. Nestled on the shores of Lake Erie, it is a fantastic little spot.

If Covid-19 has gotten you down and you won’t be able to vacation the way you would have like this past year, then at least you can head on over to this engagement spot, (that could very well be located in tropical location) for a beach and stunning sunsets.

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