Pinterest & Your Wedding: 4 Insider Tips

January 22, 2021

All hail the mighty Pinterest! As far as socials go, Instagram is wonderful and Facebook is cool, but Pinterest definitely takes the number one spot for us. Not only does it feel like a little bubble where you can escape to simply enjoy scrolling through images that you like, that make you happy and even hungry sometimes, but it is also a great resource for planning.

If you’re recently engaged we can place a wager that you more than likely already have a Pinterest board, secret or public with images that have caught your eye. But now that the planning can officially begin, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and be inspired by the power of this amazing tool.

1. Sections & staying organized

In 2017, Pinterest introduced the ability to partition boards and pins into “sections”. Why not take advantage of a feature that makes everything a little cleaner and more organized?

You can either edit a board you already have:

Choose a category, here in our dress | inspo board we’ve noticed we’ve been pinning more evening/cocktail dresses for brides. So, you start by clicking Organize and then scrolling through the board and selecting pins, once selected, click Move.

You’ll then be asked to choose a board, instead at the bottom you click Add section.

Name your new section and hit Add.

Then, next time you are scrolling and want to save to a particular section, hit the drop down arrow, find the board you’d like to save to, and hit the arrow on the right. You’ll then see the section, and hit Save.

Now if you are looking to add brand new sections, then simply head on over to the board. You will see a plus sign at the center of the bottom of your page. Click it and you will see 3 options, choose Section.

Simply name and save your new Section.

2. Notes for later

Depending on your age, you may or may not remember that Pinterest or at least the idea of it existed long before computers. Cutting things out of magazines, flyers, newspapers to save for later. You may have scribbled a few things of the back before pinning up your cut-outs on a cork board or putting them into a box for later.

Pinterest is innovative, coming up with well thought through updates to make everything user friendly and easy. Their latest feature is the addition of Notes, where you can round up Pins you want to try, write a to-do list, or jot down anything else you want to remember. Simply head to your board and click Notes.

Create Your First Note, add a title and then add your notes! Simple and easy. Use this feature to create checklists for particular sections. For example if you have a board or section specific for reception ideas, you may want to jot down what you vendors you will need to reach out to, or what you still have to order etc.

3. Add Collaborators

When it comes to your wedding, it’s easy to get the people you want involved working with you to plan more efficiently. Did you know that 77% of Pinterest users are female? Even with those stats there’s no reason why you can’t help your future spouse to also add ideas and inspiration to your boards.

Considering that usually you will have a few additional events associated with a wedding other than a big day; events like the bridal shower, bachelorette, engagement party and photoshoot, you can definitely urge your partners or members of the bridal party to actively participate in all looking together for certain aspects.

To add a collaborator, first make sure they are signed up and have an account on Pinterest. Next head on over to the board you would like to add them to and hit the plus sign next to your icon.

You will then be presented with a list of potential collaborators from your current community, or given the option to copy the link or to search by name or email. The collaborator will then have permission, as Pinterest puts it, “to do (almost) everything. Add, move or delete Pins and sections, comment and react”.

4. Don’t forget that it’s Pinspiration

Although this is a fantastic platform, we must remind bride’s who are in the buzz of planning that Pinterest and the pins your discover and explore should used as inspiration, gathering the spirit of what you see and not exactly trying to create carbon copies.

Unfortunately, some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring pins cost a pretty penny! This is a harsh reality in sections like florals, rings and dresses especially. You may fall in love with an idea and then when you inquire about the prices from a vendor your heart might sink when it isn’t in your budget. What you can do is save pins for colors, for structure and shape, for the essence without getting too hung up on particulars.

Have you followed us on Pinterest yet? You can follow us here; we are constantly pinning inspiration for almost every wedding related category. It helps us stay prepared to know how to photograph the latest trends. AND.. it helps you find some great ideas.

Another great resource to dreamily scroll through? Our portfolio, where you can see how we could capture your special day and photograph images worthing of pinning for future brides.