4 Reasons Why you Should Consider a November Wedding in London, Ontario

October 23, 2020

We say November – you think of .. what exactly? Does the month right after the colours of October and just before the holiday season of December conjure up anything in particular? Well, not really, and we definitely know that you won’t be thinking: “November wedding”. But this month is like an underdog, a rising star, coming from behind to win the race.

Before you think we’ve been enjoying one too many chocolate bars (as they are sold in hundreds at the grocery stores at the moment), hear us out. If you’re recently engaged and don’t already have half your wedding planned in your mind, we are here to make a case for November. Even if you have your mind set on a particular time of year, have a read through our 4 reasons to consider a time of year that is usually passed over without much consideration.

1. Dates and Rates

One of the realities of wedding planning that you don’t really think of prior to being in the midst of it, is the availability of every single one of your vendors. Even if you’re opting for both indoor ceremonies and reception you have to secure the date of your choice, then you have to consider your photographers, your styling staff, car rentals, the list goes on and on.

During the peak wedding season June-October you often end up having try multiple vendors as popular dates fill up quickly. Generally, prices tend to be a little more expensive as the demand is there. But for a November wedding?

That’s a whole different story; with roughly only 5% of weddings occurring in this month you’ll be glad to find majority of your chosen vendors will have the availability for your special day.

Best of all, prices will be lower. Like we’ve mentioned the demand just isn’t there. You’re not competing with other parties like holiday company parties, or other weddings. Instead November is that period of time where everyone expects to slow down in the industry. *Cue you and your weddings’ entrance*.

2. There’s Not Too much Competition..

Your guests most likely won’t be planning their own vacations in November, they won’t have to choose between the 3 weddings they have been invited to for that weekend (as it’s not June) and you’re not going to be trying to compete with the holidays when everyone feels like they’re spending too much money.

Just like the wedding industry, most of your guests will be experiencing a little bit of a slow period. The pumpkins have been put away and the holiday decorations are still gathering dust. It’s getting chillier outside and we know that they would be really excited for an event to spruce up this otherwise uneventful month with your November wedding.

3. Oh the weather outside is.. well not bad

Here in Southern Ontario, November usually means cooler temperatures, and the occasional snowfall, remember that the first official day of Winter isn’t until December 21st. But unlike the summer months that are tainted with hot uncomfortable temperatures and high humidity (that makes the world feel sticky), November is tolerable.

Did you know that tuxedos were originally worn outdoors? There is no clear point of origin but sometime during the 1800s in the UK when outdoor sports were at their height, the tux was born. Now think back to when you’ve worn a tuxedo or have seen someone wearing a tux in the dead of summer, it’s like the equivalent of wearing a parka in August. Black tie attire therefore, goes hand-in-hand with November weddings.

And finally, depending on what area you’re in, you may be able to get away with having some of the residual Fall colors son the trees if you opt for something at the beginning of the month, or maybe you’ll be covered with a blanket of snow if you choose a date later on in the month. But without the pricetag associated with both October and December.

4. The November Blues

No, we are not making a reference to anything sad. We are talking about the color blue that actually plays a huge role in this month. Don’t really recall this about the month? Well in a few weeks as November rolls in, take note to pay attention to the sunny days, where the sky is the deepest and most vibrant blue you’ll see all year round. This is thanks to the crisp and cool temperatures.

Keeping that in mind, you could try an unconventional colour palette that features a bit of blue, that will have your guests marvelling at your creativity. There’s navy, there’s dusty blue, there’s that shade of blue that you can’t precisely name but makes you feel happy on the inside. Point is, blue is here and calling dibs on the month of November, the same way orange has a partnership with October.

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