Our Cinematic Style: 10 photographs you’ll be obsessed with

March 5, 2021

If you give five photographers the same camera and ask them to take a picture of the same subject; you would get five different images. The angles, the focus, the moment that each captured would be slightly different. We love this about photography, it is a very unique form of art. When it comes to wedding photography the same thing can be said. Our cinematic style has become part of our signature.

Each photography/photography team will bring something different to the table. That’s why we encourage engaged couples to take a look at our Portfolio, and see if they are feeling our style. We always ensure to capture the most important moments at any wedding as do all photographers but it’s our special touches that set us apart.

That’s where our cinematic style comes in. At every wedding we shoot, we like to include at least a few shots that could very well be featured in a romantic movie, a classic for the ages. Our clients really love to feel like they are in motion picture – and who can blame them!? It’s one of the happiest days of your life, and if we can make you feel like a movie star it’s just the crème de la crème.

We are going to break down 10 of our favourite cinematic style photographs that we have shot in the last few years.

When we said we could make you feel straight out of romantic film, let number ten remind you that it’s your wedding day and nothing is stopping you from bring the Jedis of Star Wars to life to mix some humor in!

What do you think!? Are you loving this beautiful style? Are you recently engaged or know someone who is getting ready for their big day? We can’t wait to hear from you! Contact us today to check availability and to discuss packages and any other questions you may have! Soon be checking off Wedding Photographers from your To-Do List.

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