8 of Our Favourite Free Wedding Fonts

October 29, 2021

Paper goods and signage. The small details that really bring your wedding together. First, just off the top of your head can you think of how many things you’ll have printed for the wedding? We count at least 12. From save the dates, invitations, to ceremony programs and escort cards, there’s surprisingly a lot that will be printed. In addition, while you may work with a designer or template for things like invitations and save the dates, from a money-saving point of view there’s a lot you can create yourself. And that’s where our favourite free wedding fonts come in. If you opt for a free font then you’re able to create the majority of your signage to keep your theme consistent across the board.

We’ve curated some of our favourites; free wedding fonts that are versatile, easy to read and will stand the test of time. Fonts can set a cohesive mood and add something extra special to the little details. Moreover, don’t be afraid to mix two fonts, either for title and body or select one type of font for stand alone signage and another one for text heavy signs like the seating chart.

Before you begin downloading! Read this.

Once you’ve selected your fonts and have downloaded them, they will usually be in a zip folder. Unzip the folder, either by right-clicking or double clicking. Click on the fonts you’d like to install and your computer will prompt you with what to do next. For additional tips take a look at this guide to downloading and installing fonts on your iMac or Microsoft PC. To install on all Office Applications, like Microsoft word follow these instructions.

8 Free Wedding Fonts we love:

Serifs and Sans Serifs

We love this take on a sans serif, it’s clean and it’s classy. Not only, perfect as a title font for things like your Seating Chart, but also this font works well as a stand alone for your Welcome Sign.

Romantic and eye-catching, this is a serif font that makes a statement. Undoubtedly, it’s easy to read and names written in this font look beautiful. We love this free wedding font for escort cards and place cards. Did you know escort cards are usually written per couple/family and include a table number while place cards are found at your seat?

While brutalism may sound harsh it’s actually referencing an architectural style that emerged in the 1950s in the UK. We love this font for any body, or for anything that is word heavy, like your dinner menu. Furthermore, it’s elegant and easy to read.

This sans serif is beautiful. Additionally, with clean lines and a bit of a fun side, it’s perfect across the board for all your paper goods.

For our vintage lovers, this font will make you reminisce of a simpler and magical time. Utilize this font for your titles and stand alone signs like those found on your receiving table (which includes your guest book). Moreover, it’s unique and will definitely stand out.

This font is considered a semi-serif and contains diagonal stressing. All that means is that it’s not something super common as it sits between two different styles. Apart from this, the diagonal stressing is a little flair applied to the “o” where it sits at an angle.

Script Free Wedding Fonts

Everyone loves a good script font right? Script fonts have fluid strokes that are often based on handwriting. Dainty and sweet, scripts are beautiful for invitations, save the dates and titles. Absolutely mix this script with one of the serifs or sans serifs for a charming pairing.

Last but certainly not least, we have a calligraphy style, script font. While calligraphy has made an enormous impact on the wedding industry, working with a calligrapher can be expensive. And that’s where this font comes in. In addition to being romantic and elegant, you can achieve the same result at no cost to yourself. We love this font across the board, paired with a serif or sans serif, this font will definitely set the romantic mood.

We hope you love these fonts as much as we do. As Wedding Photographers we love capturing your special details. Be sure to show us your paper goods to help you remember them forever. If you haven’t booked your wedding photographers yet, we invite you to take a look at our portfolio and to contact us today! Definitely, take a look at our Pinterest where we are always pinning the latest trends.