Thinking Micro Wedding? So Are We

May 28, 2021

Every few years we see new trends making their way into the wedding scene, some in and out within a year while others stick around. None have quite changed the entire wedding landscape quite like the micro wedding. Here in Ontario especially, as we are yet again in another lockdown (*insert long sigh*) and Covid-19 has decimated plans for over a year. Cue the era of microweddings.

Plato once said, “necessity is the mother of invention”, and although the microwedding is not a new invention, the general consideration has been brought on by the necessity of creativity during the pandemic. You see in the early months of uncertainty and lockdowns, waves of couples opted for postponements. Just when things started to look better, they took a turn for the worse. And that is when microweddings began to increase in popularity.

By definition a micro wedding is an intimate affair with a guest list from around only 5 to 30 people. A small celebration of a grand love. And one that can proceed in most cases regardless of most restrictions. There are many reasons we absolutely adore the idea of a micro wedding. For whatever reason, they have yet to become an accepted norm! We hope that changes.

For starters there are many things that make large weddings exhausting, stressful and pull-your-hair-out worthy. Take it from us, we’ve seen all sorts of things over the years. Beginning with a smaller guest list means little to no obligation in inviting your grandmothers’ cousins’ neighbor (a bit excessive we know but you get the point). Instead you invite those you care for most. Everyone else simply doesn’t make the cut. You’ll actually get to speak and converse with everyone in attendance, and that’s a rarity with larger celebrations.

Couples have long been warned to prepare for their marriage in the same capacity as for the wedding. A smaller celebration means less time planning and stressing over details and more time preparing for the joys of married life. When it comes to a venue, a tiny guest list means that even some backyards can now host the celebrations. If you’re one who enjoys DIY projects, a micro wedding allows you to get creative with homemade decor whether its flower arrangements, place settings, signage etc. it becomes super manageable.

With smaller numbers the intense pressures of larger celebrations mellows away. Your bar area can be self-serve and the thought of plated food becomes do able. Giving speeches becomes significantly easier, not many of us are comfortable with speaking to large crowds. You can splurge on little details that would otherwise be too costly to consider with a higher guest count. At the end of the day, the financial investment tends to be significantly less and hey that’s not a bad thing! We could go on and on. As you start to consider how things change, the more excited you may become.

Of all the trends, we really hope that this trend is here to stay. Eventually, Covid-19 will come to an end and restrictions will be lifted. We would love to see micro weddings become a norm. A viable option that would be celebrated and not looked down upon. More options and choices for happy couples!

If you are planning a micro wedding or have started to think about one, then we invite you to follow along on Pinterest as we continue to source inspiration on all things micro and beautiful. And of course if finding a photographer is on your list, then definitely take a look at our portfolio and feel free to contact us today!


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