35 Blog Posts For Wedding Photographers

June 11, 2021

We are excited taking a minor departure from our regular style blog for this post. Instead of writing for our soon-to-be blushing brides and handsome grooms, this one is for our fellow wedding photographers. We’ve curated a list of 35 blog posts to keep your blog fresh and SEO fit. If you don’t already have a blog then we highly recommend you start writing. As a wedding professional, photography may be your business but we can almost guarantee that none of your clients have been to as many weddings as you have.

This means that you are like a walking Pinterest board, you are constantly seeing the latest trends. Whether you’re heading to new locations for engagement/wedding shoots or new wedding venues, you know more than you think! The secret is to access your store of knowledge and get blogging.

We 100% understand that while photography may be your game, blog writing may not be your fort√©. That’s where our blog post ideas come in. We suggest picking out your five favourites to start. Choose the ones that come to you quickly. The more you write the easier it gets!

35 Blog Post Ideas:

Covid-19 Wedding Blog Posts

This one is sure to sting, however, there are many couples who have been hit hard by the pandemic, from either having to cancel, postpone, elope or completely overhaul their initial wedding plans.

  1. Silver Linings of Covid-19
  2. Why a Wedding/Reception Postponement Isn’t All Bad
  3. Highlight Couples who have creatively found solutions
  4. Mirco Weddings and Minimonies

Location, Location, Location

You’ve been there, you’ve shot there, now share it with potential and current clients!

  1. Wedding Venues in various locations, for example “Top 5 Wedding Locations in London, Ontario”
  2. Top Spots for Engagement Shoots
  3. Your Guide to Proposal Spots
  4. Forced to Move Photography Indoors? Top locations for Indoor Shoots
  5. Wedding Tents, Outdoor Weddings vs Indoor Weddings

Highlight Yourself/Services

This one feels obvious but sometimes (us included) we forget that there’s a lot that we can write about when it comes to our own specialties, styles and services. These blog posts end up being super easy!

  1. Breakdown of your style, for us we love our cinematic style shots
  2. Do you do anything special for your clients? Talk about it!
  3. What can clients expect when working together? What is your onboarding process like? Answer the Top 10 questions you get asked
  4. Wedding recaps, talk about all the parts of weddings you’ve shot
  5. Questions your Clients Should be Asking to Avoid any issues and promote good communication
  6. Why you Shoot with a Second Photographer
  7. Talk about the after: Do you provide wedding albums? How can clients access their photographs once they’re ready?
  8. A Recap of Your Year, this one is really fun to do, share your personal experiences from the previous year. Share any funny stories, anything that made your year extra special. You can choose to highlight couples, weddings, locations your loved.

Seasonal Blog Posts

You have 4 seasons and twelve months in a year. That means you actually have a lot of content to work with when it comes to seasonal posts. What we mean here is to highlight the pros of certain seasons, months etc. from the talk about things like expenses, availability, photography etc.

Take a look at our post on Winter Weddings or Weddings in November for an example of how you can expand on any season/any month.

  1. Winter Wonderland Weddings
  2. Fall in Love with an Autumn Wedding
  3. A Springtime Affair
  4. Summer Lovin’, A Summer Wedding
  5. Off-season Weddings
  6. How to Maneuver the Busy Seasons
  7. Highlight November, March, April
  8. How to Beat the Heat in the Summer Months
  9. Fend off the Cold, Keep Things Cozy in the Winter Months
  10. Weather Dependent Plans and Back-up Ideas

Trends and #Trending Blog Posts

Everything from flowers to dresses to gifts. You don’t have to be a florist to be able to comment that orchid bouquets are becoming quite popular. Along with having a Blog we definitely recommend having a Pinterest and spending some time daily pinning to various boards. Why? Because along with your in-person experience you’ll have a good understanding of how the industry is changing. Take a look at our Pinterest here!

  1. Wedding Invitations
  2. Floral Trends for each Season
  3. Ways to Save
  4. Wedding Dresses and Bridesmaid Dresses
  5. Color Palettes that are Popular & Unique
  6. Gifts for Bridal Parties
  7. First Looks, First Touches or Vow Exchanges
  8. Wedding Band Styles for Brides and Grooms

Want to hear the best part? For each of these blog post ideas, you more than likely already have the accompany images that you can use. You’ve shot at various locations, been to different venues, photographed brides in their dresses. All it takes is a little bit of creativity to put it all together. Your blog can be a super helpful marketing tool, when potential clients stumble upon your blog they will see that you are active, personable and extremely knowledgeable, and who doesn’t love that?

With good SEO you can additionally help drive traffic to your site. Save your blogs to Pinterest. Join local wedding groups and whenever potential clients post questions like “how does the name change process work?” you can add your blog posts as answers. (Ps. here is how the name change process works in Ontario).

No more worrying about what to write! Happy blogging fellow photographers!