5 Must-Have Family Photo Shoot Poses

April 8, 2022

Are you planning a family photoshoot? Have you committed to dressing up the kids, looking your best and capturing a moment in your family history? You may have memories of awkward family photo shoots even from your own childhood. Remembering the very prim and proper, staged images in a studio. We’re here to tell you that family photo shoot poses have come a long way. Our goal during a family photo shoot is to capture the authentic and raw visuals of your family. The love, the laughter and the beautiful bond you share.

We know that depending on the age of your children, sometimes time is limited. Even some adults cannot handle an extended amount of time in front of the camera. So we’ve compiled our 10 must-have family photo shoot poses so that you can get the most out of your session, even without hours shooting.

1. The Classic Family Photo Shoot Pose (with a twist)

We often start with a classic family together, everyone smiling pose! When your kids start to get bored or begin to fuss, that’s when you can have some fun. So first things, first come together in a natural way, whether you’re squeezing tight together or holding hands, it will be special. The twist for us is to always find a beautiful background, to give the image more character and beauty!

2. Sittin’ Pretty

Get nice and low, pile the kids wherever they feel comfortable, play around with levels. It’s a different angle and your kids will appreciate being able to sit on the ground. It’s definitely a departure from a traditional pose, making it number one on our list.

3. Head, Shoulders (Knees & Toes)

We love a child on the shoulders. And kids seem to love it too!

4. Sibling Love

Exit parents, enter siblings. With just the children as the main focus, get your little ones to come together. It’s good to get them involved by asking them to come up with poses together or by prompting them with ideas like “big group hug” or “everyone pretend they’re a spy”.

5. Get Silly!

Regardless of the type of shoot we do, we often tell clients to have some jokes prepared. Even if they’re cheesy, they’ll help set the mood. You can ask your family to make funny faces, or to make a certain sound effects! Usually when you’re nearing the end of your shoot time, we like to let everyone get loose!

If you have a family photoshoot coming up, read our post on How to Keep Your Family Smiling. If you’re hoping to book a photography session, feel free to contact us today! With the weather warming up, it’s the perfect time.