Colour Palettes for your Fall Wedding

September 17, 2021

Is Autumn your favourite season of the year? It’s certainly a contender for us. Especially when it comes to Fall weddings, nature really ensures that it has a competitive edge. If you’re recently engaged or have already begun planning your wedding for the crisp, charming autumn you’ve probably begun thinking about your colour scheme. Nature provides the most brilliant oranges, reds and yellows. That being said we know that selecting a palette that balances and coincides with these colors can be difficult. And so we’ve curated a selection of our favourite color schemes that will be perfect for your Fall wedding.

We’ve selected a variety of themes that are popular with this time of year and have matched them with color schemes that are sure to make them shine.

Fall Wedding Palettes


WIth emphasis on natural and rugged elements. This palette is inspired by the harvest and the beauty of this time of year. Simple and earthy colors that pair well with what mother nature is offering. Paying tribute to the natural based elements a rustic wedding plays with colors


Filled with delicate and soft hues, plenty of twinkle lights and a whimsical feeling, the palette for a romantic theme is both feminine and neutral. We selected colors that will compliment all kinds of soft light. A cohesive palette that will look just darling


Think sleek and sophisticated, a modern theme incorporates neutrals with bold accent colors. This palettes is both refined and subtle.


If you’re loving the bohemian or boho theme for your wedding, we love the implementation of different greens paired with the bright oranges tones. The pale lilac is then complimentary to the brighter hues of this palette.


A palette that will stand the test of time. While trends come and go, certain colors are elegant and will always be in style. We love using the two blues to compliment the oranges of the season, the bright red as a stunning accent and then the grey and ballet pink for the neutral hues.

If you’re beginning to think about your wedding colours you may also be on the search for your wedding photographers. We invite you to take a look at our portfolio and to contact us today! If you’re still on the search for a color scheme for your big day then definitely take a look at our Pinterest where we are always pinning the latest trends.