Wedding Tent? 3 Things you Need to Consider for your Special Day

October 9, 2020

There’s no denying it, wedding tents are beautiful. There’s something about the space and the scenery that evokes feelings of comfort, awe and joy. Whether it’s because we don’t often spend time in a structure that was put up in a day or because we are integrated with our surroundings and potentially the fresh air; you just feel good in a tent.

A tent is flexible. Do you have a place special to your heart that you want to enjoy on your big day? Well, you can with a tent. Protection against the elements, insurance that nasty weather won’t be raining down on your parade (pun intended), we love the idea of a good ol’ tent.

If you haven’t planned a wedding before, the idea of a wedding tent may be appealing or something you’ve always imagined. Alternatively, a tent may not even be on your radar. Either way being informed on the little details that you don’t learn until you get into the actual planning, can only be a good thing.

We are going to take a look at three really important things that you should consider if you’re thinking about whether a tent is right for you and your wedding day!


One of the major points that are highlighted with most wedding venues are the luring packaged deals. Usually different tiers asking you, will you be a silver, gold or platinum bride? And in those packages everything you could think of, is included. In the end, you may have a few additional things to source, like your photographer (no brainer- pick us!), your music selection and your bridal party, but otherwise everything is all-in.

But when it comes to holding your reception in a tent, you basically have to put a package together for yourself and to ensure you don’t spend an arm and leg there is a fair bit of research required to determine who has the best prices and will be reliable. You have to consider reputation, cost, availability and so on, for all your different vendors. Here is the list of the extras that you most likely will have to check-off the list once you’ve secured the wedding tent itself:

• tables, chairs, dance floor, stage & flooring
• tableware: plates, bowls, water glasses, wine glasses, silverware & napkins
• lights & power source
• bar area & service
• additional seating for lounging once the dancing has begun
• portable washrooms – if your reception is on private property chances are you don’t have enough bathrooms for all your guests and will have to rent something
• stage area, any additional sound equipment
• catering tent, portable kitchen, plating area and cleaning area

A note here: catering can get complicated and expensive. Options here are to choose a caterer with mobile options, a full catering tent, a caterer located close by OR rent a kitchen nearby – you’d be surprised at how many small community centers have kitchens that can be rented for a few days.

• decorations – florals, guest tables, photo booths etc.


When you dive into the world of wedding planning you quickly find that you can hit upon prices that are so funny they might make you cry. But if you create a good, realistic budget you can make anything work.

Taking a look at the list above, it gives you an idea of what you’ll be spending money on. Here are a few $$$ guzzlers to be aware of:

Flooring – this one usually comes as a big surprise, if you’re fine with grass and just a dance floor then not to worry. However, if you want to ensure everyone is comfortable in their shoes and with their footing; get ready to drop some serious dough. Of course it is proportional to your wedding tent size but you will go 😮 when you take a look at the price list. Alternatively: ask your guests to wear comfortable thick-heeled or flat footwear.

• The portable washrooms that we see at weddings nowadays are not your construction site blue (ew) standard, instead they are trailers that have actual stalls, sinks and best of all don’t stink; you can even have sides allotted for Men & Women. There’s a bit of a price tag depending on number of stalls you require but 100% worth it!

Cheaper than you’d think:
• Your generator; you will most likely need some power for your lights, music, possibly caterer, maybe even your bar service. Instead of lining the property with extension cords, silent generators are small, quiet and can handle a party, plus they for all their punch they are easy on the wallet.


Here in Canada, as much as we would like to see completely outdoor weddings, we know that it’s not a realistic option. Remember, when it snowed in May this past year? Our weather has its own ideas sometimes. And even though a wedding tent is put up to help protect us against the elements, here are a few thing to think about:

Including siding? It may look gorgeous to have a tent without any siding, but should it start to rain – especially that horrible sideways mist rain we are sometimes fortunate enough to get, you’ll be happy to be able close everything off

July/August wedding? Heat and humidity in an enclosed space, could make for an uncomfortable situation. Most wedding tent companies offer large overhead fans that can keep the air circulating and everyone a little bit cooler

September wedding? Once the golden sun sets, there’s a chance the warm weather will too. This month is extremely unpredictable when it comes to evening temperatures. Have a back-up plan of heaters, blankets, extra fun dance music to get everyone moving!

It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a (wedding)tent

Dave barry

The quote above isn’t always true – but it is always best to prepare for whatever mother nature has to offer .

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