The 10 Must-Have Wedding Photos You Can’t Forget

November 26, 2020

We’ve been photographers for many a year now, and we’ve shot and celebrated countless weddings with our clients. Thanks to the many weekends spent with newly married couples, we can confidently say we know what must-have wedding photos you want captured on your special day; those photos that will always bring the memories and emotions of that day flooding back every time you sit down to reminisce.

1. the Blushing Bride

Is she nervous, is she excited or is it a combination of both? What is she thinking about while there is a flurry around her and everyone prepares themselves? The emotions in her face will speak volumes and she will look so incredibly beautiful on the day of her wedding.

2. the Ensemble

All the little details that come together – create something amazing. The hair, the makeup, the outfit and even the shoes contribute to this outfit that will always hold a soft spot for years to come.

3. the Nervous Groom

Of course not every Groom will be nervous but it’s always fun to poke a little fun as he awaits to see his Bride. The spotlight is usually on the Bride, so we always make sure to catch a few snaps of the Groom as he deals with his own excitement and emotions.

4. the First Look

Whether before the ceremony or during the ceremony – we like to capture the first moments when the couple first lay eyes on one another. Talk about pulling on the heart strings! Near the top of list of the must-have wedding photos!

5. the Bridal Party

Whether you have 2 or 20 members in your bridal party, you’re going to want to remember who was close enough to you around your wedding to have gained a spot in the sought after wedding party! Make sure to not only have shots of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, but to also include any ring bearers and flower girls too! And remember to always have fun!

6. the First Kiss

You seal it with a kiss – must we say anything more? It is one of the ultimate must-have wedding photos.

7. all the Laughter

Weddings can be stressful! As much as you plan and stay organized you’re definitely going to feel a little pressure, a little stressed all while hoping everything will run smoothly. So when the first sound of infectious laughter is heard and the weight is lifted you’ll be delighted to look back and see how happy everyone was to be celebrating you!

8. the Happy Couple

Capturing the happy couple in their most epic moments – when others look back at these photos you want them to be in awe at what this couple looked like on their wedding day – your kids will get a good kick out of it for sure!

9. your new Family

Before weddings were romantic they seemed very business-like, two families coming together for mutual gain. We’ve come a long way from that now, but the one thing that has stayed true is the coming together of those two families. It’s therefore so nice to capture some of these moments of the now big family that has been formed thanks to this wedding!

10. tears of Joy!

What’s a wedding without a few tears here and there? For the most part they are the happiest tears that could be shed and it’s these heartfelt and candid moments that we are always so pleased to be capturing.

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