A Covid Wedding in 2022?

January 28, 2022

It stings a little that even after two years of dealing with Covid-19, we are writing this blog post. A Covid wedding is definitely not in anyone’s ideal plan. With potential restrictions being imposed on everything from guest lists to mask wearing. We are now in 2022 and in March we will be entering into the third year of the pandemic. While we all despise the situation, we wanted to write a post to support our engaged couples. We have worked with so many couples over this time period and what we can confidently say is that getting married to the love of your life, will be the triumphant take-away no matter what happens.

2022 Wedding? Here are a few things to consider:

Focus on your Marriage Not Your Covid Wedding

This is definitely not a new sentiment, often couples get lost in the planning. They focus entirely the magic of a single day. And when that day ends, where do couple’s find themselves? Add to that the struggles that come with a Covid wedding, replanning, readjusting, problem solving and difficult decisions. As you deal with everything from small annoyances, to large disappointments, remember to face these challenges together. In this preparation time, be active in learning how to work together, how to compromise and how to take the middle road. Be reflective of your role in decision making and compromise.

A Covid wedding gives you an opportunity to build each other up, support one another and to make through something extremely difficult very early on in your life together. Focus on the good, on the one that you love and the life of your dreams. Not just the wedding of your dreams.

Covid Wedding Savings

A pandemic and wedding planning are the worst combination. Planning a wedding require months. With restrictions and guidelines changing frequently it can be testing. Plus, the fact that no one can tell you when this will end, never helps. But there is a rather odd silver lining. The pandemic gives you an excuse for just about anything. Looking to have a smaller wedding without offending anyone? Blame Covid. Looking to only serve hors d’oeuvres instead of a sit down meal? Blame Covid. Looking to postpone a few years years to save more money? Blame Covid. The list goes on. Whether this pandemic saves you money, time or even dealing with familial pressure, it’s a small silver lining. But it’s one that can be used to your benefit.

Plan A, B, C, D and E

Having a single plan means that any slight change can alter it drastically and leave you disappointed. And again, you may never be able to have something completely thought out. But, it’s important with a covid wedding to have alternatives that you love. Not alternatives that you’re forced into due to various reasons. While you plan for different versions of your wedding you’ll feel better if you have to change from Plan A to Plan C on short notice.

Be Sure to Have Direct Contact Information

We’re talking phone numbers and emails. Undoubtedly, email and phone numbers are essential for contacting everyone on your guest list quickly and efficiently. Don’t stand on ceremony when it comes to relaying essential information. Also, be sure that your guests can easily get in contact with you for the very same reasons.

To all the couples of 2022, we wish you the very best. We know that uncertainties rain supreme, but we hope that you can make it through the challenges and thoroughly enjoy your big day. If you’re just beginning to plan your wedding be sure to take a look at our portfolio. Contact us today, we’d love to chat about being there for you on your big day!

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