Covid-19 Couple Magdalena & Tillo: An Intimate Backyard Wedding in Kitchener, Ontario

July 19, 2020

No year has had a more sensational impact on the wedding industry than 2020. Brides around Ontario have had to make tough decisions to ensure safety of friends and families by following restrictions set by government officials. Vendors have encountered mass rescheduling and financial difficulties. Many events have been cancelled or postponed. Magdalena & Tillo however, still went forward with the celebration of their wedding. Or Part I as we have been calling it.

Magdalena & Tillo’s Wedding Ceremony

The hard but necessary decision to alter original plans occurred in April. Magdalena & Tillo had many family members residing internationally, and a rescheduling seemed like the best bet. They still wanted to get married however, even if only witnessing could be present. For them it was the marriage that was the most important.

A few weeks before the wedding date, gatherings were raised to 10 people. This meant a backyard reception with a few additional friends was possible. And that 10 guests could be present at the ceremony. On the Monday of the wedding week, marriage ceremonies in churches could be held at 30% capacity. The betrothed couple therefore did not have to choose between which siblings would be present, another small, but significant victory!

With the sun shining high, and summer in full swing, Magdalena and Tillo celebrated their love for one another in a spectacular church with over 100 years of history. Incredible painted scenes, colours of every kind embellished this glorious space.

Magdalena & Tillo’s Wedding Reception

Following the ceremony, we headed back to their quaint townhouse. Nestled among giant trees that provided much needed shade on this hot day. The tiny backyard of their townhouse was transformed into a charming reception space. With beautiful shades of green everywhere you looked and a flower garland hanging overhead. The time for celebrations had begun.

We finished off our day by heading to Victoria Park in Kitchener, ON. With the lake sparkling, trees dazzling their lush greenery and onlookers smiling to see the Newlyweds. We spent some time capturing fun and heartfelt moments.

As there are many brides facing postponement and cancellation this year, we asked Magdalena to share some thoughts on what it was like for her to be a bride with an unexpected two-part wedding.

A note from the bride on her unconventional wedding(s)

“When my father passed away earlier this year, I thought that my challenges for the year had met their quota, but when quarantine began I had a sinking feeling that the wedding we had spent months planning wasn’t going to turn out the way we expected. As the situation continued to digress, postponement of the big party was the only feasible option. We did say that if we could, we would like to try and keep our date.

We were delighted to be able to celebrate our marriage, even after months of lockdown. The day came and went so quickly, and as I look back on it, I am grateful that we were both in good health, our families could join us and most importantly that we became man and wife.

For all you brides struggling, take-heart in your partners, in your commitment to one another and enjoy the assurance that you’ve made it through one of your first challenges as an engaged or married couple. Whether you choose to postpone, cancel or go forward with your plans. Have a good cry and then get excited to do something you never expected. I bought myself a satin suit, and built my own bouquet, two things I would have never done if everything went according to plan.”

Take a look at some of the brilliant moments we captured at this very different wedding:

“There is no difficulty that enough love will no conquer”

Emmet Fox

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