Wedding Emergency Kit Checklist

March 25, 2022

You spend many months planning your wedding. Ironing out all the little details. But the reality is, more often than not, the day of your wedding will provide you with one or two surprises. While you can’t plan everything, you can surely be prepared. With a wedding emergency kit, you cover your bases for emergencies of all sizes.

Whether you find yourself sweating a little more than usual. Your lashes are starting to come off. You find yourself starving. Or, a bridesmaids dress is slipping where it certainly shouldn’t be. It’s better to be over prepared than scrambling the day of.

As we’ve had first hand experience with various types of day-of dilemmas, we’ve curated the essential wedding emergency kit checklist. Certainly, we can’t guarantee that these items will solve every problem that may arise, but they’ll certainly help with the most common ones!

Wedding Emergency Kit Checklist

Beauty Items

  • bobby pins/hair ties
  • fine tooth comb/small brush
  • tweezers
  • eyelash glue
  • blotting papers
  • nail polish, matching your mani/pedi
  • hair spray
  • lipstick/lip gloss
  • face powder
  • small mirror
  • hand cream
  • nail file

Items to Help You Stay Fresh

  • breath mints/mouthwash
  • tooth brush/tooth paste
  • deodorant
  • perfume
  • tampons/pads
  • baby wipes/makeup remover
  • eye drops

Attire Items

  • mini sewing kit
  • stain remover stick
  • fashion tape
  • extra earring backings
  • safety pins
  • static guard/wipes
  • lint roller
  • tights

Health Items

  • advil/tylenol
  • band-aids
  • allergy medication
  • antacids
  • blister pads
  • first aid kit
  • snacks!
  • water bottle
  • calming essential oils


  • contact information for any important contacts – for example, the venue contact information, or your photographers number – should you be late or something comes up you want to be able to alert the necessary parties.

We know that planning can be extremely stressful. But the good news is that if you’re thinking about your wedding emergency kit you may be nearing the end of the planning stage. We know that this list may be long, but we also know you’ll be happy if it can solve any little issues that may arise. Be sure to read about the 10 Wedding Details you May Forget before your big day!

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