5 Tips for Giving a Wedding Speech

July 28, 2022

Regardless of the size of a wedding, the traditional elements that are included or discarded, there is usually room for a wedding speech or two. And speeches are no longer reserved for a select few. If you’ve been asked to deliver a speech on a loved one’s special day, worry not. We have put together tips on how to deliver it with style!

1. Keep it Short & Sweet

You may be bursting with emotion. Absolutely thrilled for the newlyweds. But here’s the thing. Aim to limit your speech to 3-5 minutes. Quality over quantity! As the guests are usually well into their drinks, their attention spans tend to be short. And everyone has been to a wedding where a speech has gone on and on … and on. If you want to pour out your hard find a private moment or write a heartfelt card to your loved ones.

2. Write it Out & Practise

The dreaded words when it comes to a wedding speech: ad lib, which is defined as “without previous preparation”. While we are sure there are many people who have the experience and skill to ad lib a speech, we say play it safe and prepare. First take the time to write out your speech and then practise, practise, practise. Practise outloud, in front of the mirror, then in front of a select few. The better you know it, the easier it will be when you’re nervous!

3. Beautiful Start & Strong Finish

As with most speeches, people tend to remember two parts, the opening line and the final few words. We recommend that however you set up your speech try and tie in your first and final words. If you’re looking for a toast to finish up your wedding speech, read our 18 Favourite Wedding Toasts.

4. Choose your Words Wisely

A wedding brings together your family and friends, of all ages, from different places and stages of life. When it comes to your wording, your jokes or even your innuendos keep in mind your audience. But, there’s a time and place for certain stories. A good speech should be inclusive, have everyone in the room should have a cohesive feeling of togetherness, of celebrating the couple. With a careful consideration of wording you help ensure the audience doesn’t feel awkward or left out.

5. Stick to a Theme

Consistency is key. If you’re looking to keep your speech short and sweet then consider what theme you’d like to stick to. Will you be sharing advice for a long marriage? Are you touching upon the happy couple’s beautiful relationship? Or are you aiming to get some laughs? Keeping a clear tone will ensure you can attain a harmonious wedding speech.

Above all, a good wedding speech comes from the heart. Our final tip, is to be careful not to drink too much, save the bubbly for after you’ve delivered your speech.

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