5 Things to Prepare for your Fall Engagement Shoot

August 19, 2020

What season is better than Fall? We love all things A-U-T-U-M-N, from the cooler temperatures, to the bursting of color everywhere, the smells of apples & cinnamon and just everything looking and feeling cozy. We think that mother nature takes this time of the year to show off what she can do. She provides a perfect backdrop for couples that will have you smiling for years to come. Dare we say that Fall is our favourite time to shoot engagement? We are going on record and saying it definitely is.

In all the madness and uncertainty of the pandemic, have you gotten engaged? Here’s what you need if you’re planning on having an engagement shoot set in the golden hues of this upcoming season.

Hands in the air like we just don’t care..

..but we do.

One of the main focus points of your engagement shoot is a ring on your finger. So, make sure everyone has paid some attention to what their hands look like. Imagine you have a beautiful outfit on, the leaves look stunning; but, your hands are dry and cracked and your nails leave much to be admired. Not a great visual.

We suggest about a week before your shoot to start a cream regime to keep your hands looking super soft. A few days before your shoot, treat yourself to a couples manicure! Have a partner who can’t quite get into a manicure? No problem, clean and cut fingernails will be just right.

Dress to Impress..

..no one but yourselves

No pressure here to look a certain way, who are you as a couple; take some time to think about that and dress accordingly. If you are both Blue Jean babies then go for it! If you want to dress up and include an outfit that’s a little fancier than all the power to you.

We do suggest that you compliment one another in both colours and styles to get the most cohesive look. There are two ways to go about this. The first is to go the route of creams/whites, browns, beiges, greys, blacks etc., to blend seemingly. The second option is to go bold to really pop against the foliage. This can be achieved with blues, purples, greens all complementary colors of the traditional oranges, yellows and reds.

Keep it plain without logos or designs, solid colors work well. When you decide on your outfit, have your partner snap a quick photo to see if you like how it photographs.

‘Cause you’re hot..

..then you’re cold

Although Fall usually boasts cooler temperatures it’s important to remember that you may get hot under the spotlight of the camera. Sounds silly, but hear us out! If you’re not used to being intimate with your partner in front of others, let alone while a camera is clicking your body temperature may rise and you may be a little nervous and hence perspire.

Bring blotting papers and ensure you or your partner are not shiny for any of the shots. (‘Cause you’re hot, in more ways than one!)

Just as quickly as you heat up, you may cool down, especially as you walk around your location to capture different shots. To keep you cozy, we suggest brining tiny heat packs that you can leave in your pockets to hang on to when you feel a little bit of a chill creeping in.

For the coziest accessory..

..consider a large scarf

Has it been done by everyone? Yes it has, but for a very good reason. A large rectangular scarf that can be wrapped around, to symbolically and literally join a couple that is betrothed is something beautiful.

And as a plus it will keep you warm and your cheeks rosy red for a blush that is authentic and heart-warming. You can add a punch of color with your scarf, we love blues and greens and reds, here you can experiment with different patterns and even bring along more than one if you can’t decide.

We love the big scarf.

For a fail safe smile (and laugh)

..pick a joke

A secret from both film and television is that when there’s a scene where the performers must laugh, and we mean something genuine, often times they are told a joke right before they begin filming. As they shoot they think back to this joke, and then let the laughter and smiles come from a place that is deep within.

We encourage couples to find something whether it be a joke, a movie scene, a funny memory before they partake in their engagement shoot, and let the laughter be infectious. This will produce smiles, that are filled with glee and will help shake off any nerves or stress.

What do you think of our list? Have anything to add, leave us a comment!

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