5 of the Best Wedding Venues in London, Ontario for Every Budget

September 25, 2020

You’ve said “Yes!” The congratulations are rolling in and the champagne is popping. Finally, the planning begins! And, naturally, you start with looking at potential wedding venues.

You most likely have a Pinterest board or two with all your favourite ideas you are excited to bring to life, you have a vision. But, unfortunately your budget may affect your vision!

And what is the biggest guzzler of that budget? On average it’s not the rings, the alcohol or the entertainment, but the wedding venue. We remind our wedding planners (that’s you!) that everything boils down to your guests. There are sweet spots when it comes to numbers and it’s always something to keep in the back of your minds.

But without further ado, here are 5 of the best wedding venues in (and around) London, Ontario that are good for every budget and number of guests.

Elmhurst Inn – Ingersoll, ON

Why we love it: Less than 40 min from London, situated just off the 401 in Ingersoll, ON. The food is delicious and everything from getting ready, ceremony and reception can happen in one place.

From a photography perspective
: 5-stars for potential shooting locations, both indoors and outdoors, which makes this venue ideal for any season. A beautiful fountain adds something extra special, especially during our favourite night time shoots.

Notable feature:
Offering three different all-inclusive packages featuring on-site ceremony on the grounds or indoors, multiple coursed meals, decorations and many more.

A popular venue we frequently have the opportunity to shoot here, check out some images from Ashli & Steffan’s Wedding. We are also based in Ingersoll, so we are always happy to make the trip down the road!

Elsie Perrin Williams – North London, ON

Why we love it: perfect for a smaller amount of guests, around 100 people (more guests if outdoors and less indoors). Adorned in a historic charm and nestled on expansive grounds, it’s is a stunning option for a more intimate celebration.

From a photography perspective: the grounds are absolutely remarkable! The estate itself includes private bedrooms alongside the main rooms that are perfect for getting ready. Plus, they make for a delightful atmosphere that allows those early morning pictures to be extra sweet. And, the estate itself boasts such wonderful architecture.

Notable feature: This venue is actually a not-for-profit organization, and is dedicated to maintaining the beauty and history of the venue. All of the money made by hosting weddings goes back into the house and the organization. Couples that choose this historical estate for their weddings, make a contribution to London heritage.

Best Western Lamplighter – Southdale, London, ON

Why we love it: for those that want a destination wedding but can’t get behind the travelling and the fuss, look no further than this space. With an enormous glass ceiling, exotic gardens and indoor waterfalls, it will feel like you are in a another world.

From a photography perspective: Rain or shine, your photos will not be affected! Plus, you don’t have a long way to travel between photos and your reception. Anything that saves time is a good thing!

Notable feature they boast about their competitive pricing and are the largest venue on this list, able to accomodate 500 guests.

The Rose Chapel at Stoneridge Inn – Tempo, ON (Not technically a wedding venue but still makes the list)

Why we love it: here we are highlighting the ceremony location rather than the reception venue. Just south of London, ON and situated right off the 401. The Rose Chapel was originally built in 1886, and has since been restored to its full glory. Ideally, it can fit around 120 guests.

From a photography perspective: nothing beats natural sunlight, and in this chapel you get plenty of it. Definitely, it helps gives photos a dreamy look.

Notable feature: steps from the Best Western Stoneridge Inn which includes seven different ballrooms and customizable packages.

The Clearing – Sheddon, ON

Why we love it: practically a blank canvas to work with! You are surrounded with thirty acres of woodland to create something magical. Everything is found all in one place, from the “outdoor cathedral” to the reception space; it’s really a space that gives you the freedom for an incredible outdoor celebration.

From a photography perspective: the fairytale setting of your dreams! Without a doubt, your wedding photographs will be breathtaking.

Notable feature there are no all-inclusive packages, instead at The Clearing the staff is more than happy to work with couples individually to bring their visions to life.

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