A Winter Wedding: 5 Reasons You Should Consider One

December 18, 2020

Winter weddings stir up mixed feelings to say the least. Some love the cold, the snow and the staying indoors while others cannot stand the season for the very same reasons. January, February and March all rank as the least popular months to host a wedding; it seems happy couples aren’t happy to have a winter wedding.

But take it from us – we’ve been there. We’ve photographed them, a winter wedding takes a lot of heat (ironically) for being difficult and not beautiful. But we can argue to the contrary! There are many benefits to hosting a wedding in those deep-winter months.

So if you’re newly engaged, as we know many of you will be this holiday season you’re going to want to consider a wedding! Here are our 5 reasons why you’ll be happy you chose the winter months to say “I do”.

1. All about the Money, honey!

Let’s talk about the elephant in any wedding planning room: the budget. In any other season, especially that wedding peak-season, sometimes money talks turn into money cries faster than you’d like.

When it comes to those winter months, here’s how it works: less people = less competition for the best priced everything. Venues tend to be a little cheaper, which is great news! And, dresses tend to be marked down, as you are shopping outside of the busy season.

A bonus: unless you’re choosing Christmas, New Year’s Eve/Day or Valentine’s Day, you’ll more than likely be able to snag your preferred date.

2. ~Free~ Backdrops and Decoration (SNOW!)

January tends to be the snowiest month here in Ontario, Canada. So, if you’re luck holds you may find yourself in a winter wonderland! Even if there isn’t fresh snow on the ground, there are photo locations that can be selected specifically to enhance the winter feeling.

When it comes to the indoors, your winter wedding may receive a bit of decoration included. Venues and halls will tend to spruce themselves up during this season.

3. The Adornments and Embellishments

At a winter wedding you can expect to see sweet accessories that otherwise wouldn’t really make an appearance during those summer months. Some of the favourites for winter brides, their bridal parties and the grooms are fancy jackets, fur stoles, capes, mittens and boots! Mixing up the traditional approach to wedding attire, we think these options are a lot of fun!

4. Best time for Black Tie

If it’s cold you’re not going to be hot. That’s logical isn’t it? Well it’s true, as beautiful as Black Tie attire is, in some of the hottest summer months it can be a nightmare. For men in heavy tuxedos, add a little wedding stress and boy is it ever toasty. As for anyone in a big, heavy dress, same thing goes for you!

Trust us you’ll be comfortable in your fancy outfits in the winter months, and best of all – if you get cold, then layers are your solution. The same thing cannot be done in the summer, once you get hot you just have to endure it!

5. The One and Only

There’s a reason it’s called off-peak, very few weddings will occur during this time. What does that mean for you? You may very well be the one and only. You miss what feels like every other weekend wedding season and stand alone in during this time.

Your guests will be happy to enjoy themselves, it will be less stressful for them and you won’t be competing with family vacations and other weddings. Bonus: rates for accommodations will also save everyone a pretty penny compared to other times of the year.

Are you recently engaged or know someone who is getting ready for their big day? Would you consider a hosting a winter wedding? If you are just starting your planning, then we invite you to take a look at our Portfolio where you can see why you’ll soon be checking off Wedding Photographers from your To-Do List.

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